UI Designer / Programmer University Project 2021


Outside the Box is a multiplayer tower defense game inspired by the Overcooked! series. In the game, the player must defend the workshop against increasing amounts of toy-themed enemies by managing their turrets.

Unlike other tower defense games, the player must actively control their character and move around the level to collect currency, manage their turret's ammunition levels and unlock new turrets. As a result, the gameplay is hectic yet engaging and rewarding for players playing alone or with a friend.

Outside the Box was developed during a group assignment structured as an agile project. This game was developed over 8 weeks, broken up into 4 sprints with each sprint lasting 2 weeks.This project was developed in partnership with Roy Fu, Padriac Heaton, Rhys Vincent and Long Vo.

Nominated for award at the UTS Games Showcase Autumn 2021!

Project Responsibilities:
  • Worked in a team of 5
  • Designed and programmed UI for in-game menus
  • Designed appearance of the main menu scene
  • Managed project progress documentation using Trello
  • Helped balance gameplay through multiple playtesting sessions
  • Worked using Agile development
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